Ms. Rector!
Ms. Rector invited Mrs. Porter in to practice using Google Draw with her class. On her own, she then opened her Math Lesson with a story problem "Jayden has 5 stars. 2 of his stars are black and the rest are yellow. How many stars are yellow?" 2+_=5

Her students used google draw to find their answer while Mrs. Rector set up her Math stations. The great thing about having her students have this document in their Math Folder was that she could pull student examples up and teach from their work. This took place on their first day using Google draw in the classroom.

Techie of the Week September 21st

Mrs. Breitani Turner

Mrs. Turner's students have documents in their folders in their DRIVE!!!!!! They were placed their by their teacher through Hapara and the students used Critical Thinking Skills and Creativity to make food webs and Venn diagrams for Science and ELA. Good Job Mrs. Turner with keeping your students engaged and excited while using technology.

Techie of the Week for September 30th

Ms. Kendra Waring

It works! Once Ms. Waring found how easy Hapara could be she hasn't stopped using it. On a visit to her room, I saw smiles and a class engaged and focused on researching for a 3 column notes style chart assessment that Ms. Waring put in her students Social Studies Folders. It was pretty cool. Be sure to ask Ms. Waring about some of the assignments that she has been able to share.

Techie of the Week October 21st

Mrs. Stephens!

ELA Standard : 8.1 Cite evidence within text to: a. analyze two or more characters, events, or settings in a text and explain the impact on the plot; and, b. explain the influence of cultural, historical, social and political context on characters, setting, and plot development.

Her students were reading Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule (S.S. Alignment Doc). While learning about the end of Reconstruction the students cited evidence from the text to analyze two events.

Technology: The students were given choice to create an image using Google Drawing or by hand depicting when the main characters described their new land and what it looked like when they began farming and tending to it. 

Techie of the Week September 15th

This week's Techie of the Week is the wonderful Mrs. Geddings

Mrs. Geddings is already at it, encouraging her Junior Engineers to collaborate Create ,Communicate, and most of all Critically think. If you haven't followed her on Twitter you should she's always posting articles and retweeting posts that really make you I want to try new things. As I visit classrooms our students repeatedly connect what they're doing in robotics lab with the four C's. Keep up the great work!

Techie of the Week September 8th

Mr. Derek Morgan

Mr. Morgan uses the Hue cam to show his students how to set up their notes, how to play "I declare war" in Math and more. These are available for checkout. Consider asking him of other ways he uses his cam.

Techie of the Week August 26th, 2016

Mrs. D'Leannette Rudolph

This Week's Techie of the week is D'Leannette Rudolph! Mrs. Rudolph has used Twitter as a way to Collaborate, and Communicate. She has found a plethra of resources while using her twitter account and we have had a chance to see her put them to use by some of the activities that she has tweeted out that her students Created. You can follow her @MrsRRoadrunners